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3 Rules Of A Successful Internet Business Start Up

posted 27 Sept 2010, 06:45 by Mpelembe   [ updated 27 Sept 2010, 06:46 ]

Much has been written about how to start and run a successful
Internet business. In many cases there is so much advice it
is difficult to boil it down to specific action items. In
this article I want to give you 4 rules you should be
following to launch a successful Internet business start up.

1. Choose a profitable niche. Niche marketing is where you
take a broad based theme and narrow it down.

The goal when choosing a profitable niche is to find
something  you enjoy in a market where people are currently
spending money. This gives you a much better chance of
succeeding when you can make some of those paying customers

If you have an area of expertise you may be able to turn
that into a profitable Internet business. If you have a
hobby or something that you have a passion for you may be
able to make it profitable as well.

Hanging out in discussion forums is a good place to see how
people are making money online. You can also go to Google
Trends or Click Bank and determine what some of the trends
in the marketplace are.

2. Set up a blog. This is the fastest and best way to
promote your business online. Your blog becomes your website
and offers many benefits in terms of ease of operation.

Blogs can really make an impression on a website visitor.
Look at some of the blogs of your competitors to get ideas
of things you can do in terms of video marketing, graphics,
and so on.

3. Monetize it with affiliate products. Google Adsense is a
good affiliate product to start with. Adding Google ads to
your blog is easy to do. It is also very profitable in terms
of getting paid by the click as you begin to get traffic to

Adding banners from affiliate programs to your blog is a
good thing to do as well. Banner advertising does work and
visitors will click on those ads. Every time a purchase is
made for one of the products you are promoting you earn a

4. Spend 90% of your time on traffic generation. Once you
have everything in place you should work on getting visitors
to your new site.

Incorporate as many free and paid advertising methods as you
possibly can. Concentrate on getting backlinks around
targeted keyword phrases for long term traffic.

In summary these are 4 rules to launch a successful Internet
business start up. If you choose a profitable niche, set up a
blog, monetize it correctly, and then concentrate on
marketing your new business, you will be successful.

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