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8 Things You Didn't Know

posted 2 Sept 2010, 04:45 by Mpelembe

Office supplies may seem like a mundane topic, pens, paper,
staples etc. However, behind even the most standard of
office supply, there lies an interesting fact that you
probably never knew.


Reams and reams of paper are often on the top of many office
supplies lists. However it is estimated that it takes 6 whole
trees to make just 10 reams of paper. Poor trees - think
before you print!


Barack Obama used 22 different pens to sign one health bill,
one for each letter (he signed his name twice). These pens
are then given to those who witnessed the signing or
auctioned off as souvenirs. If he has to do this every time
he signs something, just image what kind of bill the White
House must rack up for pens!?

Post-it Notes

Another office staple - the post-it note has been used in
various artworks since their creation. They've even taken on
an electronic form with many computer systems including a
post-it style sticky note so you can leave memos on your
desk top.


Did you know there are international postal conventions that
dictate the size and width of standard envelopes and post
cards/ Whilst our hardworking posties will try do their best
to delivery all post on time, it is thought that you have a
better chance of receiving your letter if the envelope is
standard sized.

Suspension Filing

This revolutionary way of storing files in a filing cabinet
was created back in 1898! No inventor has managed to come up
with a better method since, meaning suspension files are
still widely used today. Come on, let's get our thinking
caps on.......


No one actually knows what toner is. All we know is that
when the printer or fax states that it is low on toner, it's
time to get a fresh order of office supplies in. Toner is in
fact a powder that is used to form the initial outline of
the printed text and images. So you can have all the ink in
the world, but without toner, you're going nowhere

Correction Fluid

This nifty little invention is an office supplies must for
those who want to disguise their mistakes. One office
recently reported that their workers were going through 10
litres of correction fluid over a 12 month period. Now
that's a lot of mistakes!

Paper Clips

The paper clip was originally created in 1867, for the use
of attaching things to fabric - so next time you treat
yourself to a rather large lunch and have the misfortune of
popping a button on your skirt/trousers, a paperclip will be
your saviour.

About the Author:

Written by Jamie Lyons on behalf of DGOS and Digital Hearing