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A Nepali Entrepreneur Beats Record For Longest Televised Talk Show

posted 16 Apr 2013, 11:50 by Mpelembe   [ updated 16 Apr 2013, 11:51 ]

Nepali man earns Guiness World Record for the longest television talk show - a 62 hour marathon.

KATHMANDUNEPAL (APRIL 13, 2013)  (REUTERS) -  A Nepali television host has earned the Guinness world record for the longest television talk show in a marathon discussion about the founder of Buddhism which lasted more than two days.

Rabi Lamichhane, a former TV journalist from Nepal turned manager of a fast food restaurant in BaltimoreMarylandUnited States returned to his homeland to talk on air non-stop for 62 hours and 12 minutes, a feat certified by the Guinness World Records as the longest marathon talk show.

Lamichane said he did not find it physically demanding but that he did find it hard to concentrate.

The 36-year-old host talked with politicians, artists, diplomats, businessmen, social workers and journalists about contemporary issues mainly in the Nepali language with English sub-titles on his "Lord Buddha was born in Nepal" show to beat the Guinness record of 52 hours set in 2011 by two people from Ukraine.

Guinness World Records allowed a break of five minutes every hour.

It was not clear how many people watched the show.

Lamichhane said he did not sleep during the show, ate mainly fruits, drank up to 15 cups of coffee a day and lived on energy drinks.

Lamichhane began the show on Thursday (April 10), aiming to clear up what he said was a misunderstanding over the birthplace of Buddha.

The show was continued to Friday and ended on Saturday (April 13).