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Amazon Tests Drone Delivery System

posted 2 Dec 2013, 07:39 by Mpelembe   [ updated 2 Dec 2013, 07:39 ]

Amazon says it is testing delivery with drones.

 (AMAZON VNR) - is testing a system to deliver packages using drones, CEO Jeff Bezos said Sunday (December 1) on the CBS television program "60 Minutes."

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Bezos said the drones, unmanned vehicles that fly through the air, could deliver packages that weigh up to five pounds (2.3 kg). That represents roughly 86 percent of packages that Amazon delivers, he said.

The drones, which would pick up items from Amazon's distribution centers and fly them to customer's homes, probably won't be put into use for four or five years, Bezos said.

The e-retailing giant is calling the new program Amazon Prime Air. Guided by aGPS system, the drones are expected to carry packages weighing up to 5 pounds and travel within a 10-mile radius.