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Angry Jobless Security Guards Storm Ancient Roman Arch

posted 12 Sept 2013, 07:51 by Mpelembe   [ updated 12 Sept 2013, 07:52 ]

Unemployed security guards climb the Arch of Constantine, by the Colosseum in Rome, to demand they are given a job by the city's municipality.

ROMEITALY (SEPTEMBER 12, 2013) (REUTERS) -  A group of about 10 former security guards, who used to work for Rome's municipality, climbed on top of the Arch of Constantine, next to the famed ancient Colosseum, on Thursday (September 12) and demanded a meeting with the mayor after they lost their jobs.

The protesters are part of 138 workers who have not been given new work by city officials after their positions were cut in 2009 as part of financial restructuring.

''They want to stay there until the mayor agrees to meet us and speak about our rights, about what we can do to solve this problem, because we want to work,'' Massimo Fofi, one of the workers and a union representative, said.

"We want the municipality to give a job to these people, any work, rubbish collectors, bus ticket sellers, cemetery guards, anything that is work and dignified, as our banner says,'' Fofi added.

The Arch of Constantine, a triumphal arch honouring the emperor Constantine, is situated between the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill, and is one of Rome's most famous landmarks.