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Authors bag deal after e-book success

posted 30 Aug 2011, 04:32 by Mpelembe   [ updated 30 Aug 2011, 04:35 ]
British authors Louise Voss and Mark Edwards landed themselves a six-figure, 4-book deal with a conventional publishers after their self-published electronic novels reached number 1 on Amazon.

UK-SIXFIGURE AUTHORS -Louise Voss and Mark Edwards from London are discussing their third book after securing a six figure publishing deal.

Their success is thanks to the popularity of electronic books.

Their first two novels - Killing Cupid and Catch Your Death - were rejected by traditional publishers and the writing duo put their dream of having a best seller on hold.

Then five years later they decided to publish both novels to Amazon.

Louise Voss and Mark Edwards, saying 

"We had never even considered self publishing because the stigma attached to it as vanity publishing you just wouldn't do it, it's just not acceptable at all. It's a bit like internet dating ten years ago, you know if you did you kept it really quiet and now everybody does it. We didn't have any expectations of how many we are going to be able to sell. I think on the first day we sold two copies one to my mother in law and one to my boss."

Soon they were selling a 1,000 copies a day and eventually attracting publishers HarperCollins.

Mark Edwards, saying

"I saw it got to number 1, I rang Louise immediately, we were like screaming delight because it had been number 3 for a day, number 2 for a day then number 1 and literally it was an amazing feeling and it stayed there for a month."

Louise and Mark deliberately priced their novels at just 96 pence to attract an audience

Their strategy worked - they've sold almost 80,000 copies - making them £20,000.

And they're hoping their next book will have the same success in traditional book shops.

Hayley Platt Reuters.