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Blog Site Promotion - How To Best Market Your Blog

posted 13 Sept 2010, 02:23 by Mpelembe   [ updated 13 Sept 2010, 02:27 ]

Blogging is one great way to earn either passive or active
income without actually stressing yourself out too much. You
can blog just about anything that interests you and it should
actually be about something you are passionate about so that
keeping your blog updated will be an easy thing for you to
do. Some people have even turned blogging into a full time
earning opportunity because it's easy to follow through.
Aside from a specific passion you want to talk about, it
also takes a genuine love for writing to be able to profit
from it.

But the best means to tell whether blogging is something
that you can turn into something profitable are the readers
you have. Blogging for yourself will not make your site
profitable enough to place ads on it. It will not also pique
the interest of other businesses which are looking for good
places online where they can have ads commissioned. So you
might want to do a little blog marketing in order to profit
from this growing trend. Here are some quick tips you might
want to follow in doing so:

Tap your own networks first - Before you brave a whole new
audience of people you hardly knew and who may not even know
you at all, start from those who are actually close or known
to you. Let them be your first critics and try to get a feel
of how you will be accepted publicly based from the reactions
they will have upon seeing your blog site. There are numerous
ways in which you can let them know that you already have a
new website. You can either use the social networking sites
to let them know or email them the link to your blog site.

Use the power of social media - There are a number of social
networking sites which you can use to your advantage. You can
start posting bits and pieces from your blog site to these
social networking sites where you signed up for. You can
easily do this through the use of TinyURL which helps
shorten the links to your blog site.

Create bookmarks - You can also use social bookmarking in
order to create visibility on your website. This is a smart
process to go through especially if you want to target
specific keywords relating to your website. Plus, others
would also get the chance to look at your bookmarks and
therefore share them within their own networks if they like
what you have written.

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