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Britain's Hottest Toys For The Holidays Unveiled

posted 6 Nov 2013, 14:38 by Mpelembe   [ updated 6 Nov 2013, 14:38 ]


LNVO - Just in time for the holidays, the top ten toys for the Christmas season in the UK is out.

A panel of toy experts has named those gadgets and games most likely to show up on Britain's girls' and boys' wish lists.

Over half of the toys ring in under 25 GPB making this a more affordable Christmas says the Toy Retailers Association's Andrea Abbis.

"We have some amazing products this year, the highlight is the flying fairy. This is a fairy that actually flies, no strings attached, and when you see it working and see the children's eyes light up it just really brings the magic to life."

Also expected to be in demand, Texter the back flipping puppy, which had eleven year-oldShakeera Riddell-Morales smitten.

"You can treat it like a normal dog and it will react to everything that you do. You can stroke it and feed him and there's an app you can download to control him and make him do other cool things."

The Robo Fishbowl meanwhile was a favorite of eight year-old Dexter Cumblerland.

"I like the fish because they light up, I can put them next to my bed and they light up in the dark."

Other toys that are apt to see brisk sales: Monopoly Empire where you buy companies like Microsoft instead of properties, Furby Boom, a new Furby injected with updated technology and for the sharpshooters out there, the Nerf N-Strike Elite rifle.