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Car aficionados delight at Qatar Motor Show

posted 29 Jan 2012, 13:46 by Mpelembe   [ updated 29 Jan 2012, 13:46 ]

Qatar's grandstand automotive celebration goes into top gear with thrilling high-speed demonstrations and cutting edge concept cars showcasing the cars of tomorrow.

edevil stunt drivers revved their engines and pulled off death-defying spins at the launch of the 2012 Qatar Motor Show at the Doha Exhibition Centre on Wednesday (January 25). The three-day event is a chance for international car-makers to showcase their latest designs and wow the public with their futuristic concept cars.
Kicking off the second edition of the event, luxury sports cars and Formula 1 racers thrilled onlookers with breakneck spins around the track.

Inside the exhibition centre, various automobile companies unveiled many of their latest models for the first time.

Volkswagen launched the new "2012 Passat" and presented its other premium cars. Skoda launched one of its new five-seater family car, "MissionL", and also revealed plans to launch a new car every six months.

Audi launched four new cars, of which the "R8GT" has only 333 units worldwide. The other three models were "RS5", "S7" and "S8".

Bentley launched its new "Continental GTC", while Porsche had the Middle East launch of the "Panamera GTS".

Head of Marketing for Mercedes Benz in Qatar, Tarek al-Habbal, told Reuters: "We have two special stars this year. The "2012 ML", the car we launched last night and it will the market here in Qatar in March and we are taking booking now. The other one is "SLS GT3", as I was telling you we flew directly from Germany and it is here for the duration of the show."

One new concept car - "Vittoria" - had its world premier at the Motor Show. "Vittoria" is a two-seater that displays the classic sleek curves of Italian luxury cars, but with a much more futuristic edge.

Speaking to Reuters, Italian designer of the revolutionary "Vittoria" Umberto Palermo said: "This car is so unique because it is based on Italian tradition and tailored according to the customers' dreams. Our aim was to draw on these dreams and customize the car for individuals."

Officials stressed that the auto show would be a major tourism boost for Qatar, and hoped that this event will be a source of inspiration for manufacturers of cars and to provide a rare and unique experience to automobile lovers.

On the sidelines of the motor show, the 2nd Middle East Automotive Summit showcased the latest developments in the field, and reflected the direction of the industry.

Representatives of various organisations presented a variety of views which helped to present a bigger picture of the automotive industry and the latest trends. During discussions, they forecast the future of cars and transportation amidst growing populations and rising demands.

The Qatar Motor Show takes place from January 25-28.