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Cellphones, E-Readers Usage Expanded On Airplanes

posted 31 Oct 2013, 12:38 by Mpelembe   [ updated 31 Oct 2013, 12:39 ]


Reuters Business Video Report - Pretty soon, passengers will be able to use their cellphones and e-readers during more of the flight.

The Federal Aviation Administration has revamped its rules on the electronic devices. For passengers this means...

Michael Huerta, FAA Administrator:

"It is safe to read downloaded materials, like e-books and calendars and to play games."

They'll also be able to watch movies during a great portion of the flight, and not just when it reaches a particular altitude.

The devices were previously believed to disrupt communications from the cockpit.

Michael Huerta, FAA Administrator:

"The committee determined that most commercial airlines can tolerate radio interference from personal electronic devices. The committee found that in some instances of low visibility, one percent of all flights, some landing systems may not be proven to tolerate the interference. In those cases, passengers may be asked to turn off their devices. We agree with that recommendation and our guidance to the airlines reflects that."

One thing that won't change, however, are rules about making phone calls in flight. That issue is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Communications Commission.