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China's Microblogging Queen Reigns Over Tens Of Millions

posted 21 Mar 2013, 04:20 by Mpelembe   [ updated 21 Mar 2013, 04:20 ]

Reuters Business Report - REUTERS REPORTER, ANITA LI

"Who has the most followers on Weibo? An actress called Yao Chen. She posted her first tweet in September 2009 and today, she has over 43 million followers.

That's way more than Justin Bieber who has more than 36 million twitter fans.

I was surprised when she became the Weibo queen because she wasn't such a well-known actress.

Many of my friends decided to follow her just because they wanted to know why she's so popular.

Yao often talks about her daily life, her cat, her second wedding, her pregnancy."

But she also uses her fame to help others - by reposting messages for people looking for their missing family members, and bringing attention to social issues like air pollution and unfair treatment of the poor.

People on Weibo say she's more like the girl next door than a big star, and that's why they like her.

She's also seen as kind and caring in China's sometimes cold online world."