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China Netizens Bring A Murder Mystery To White House's Door

posted 8 May 2013, 03:19 by Mpelembe   [ updated 8 May 2013, 03:19 ]



"Fights between roommates happen everywhere. But in China microblogs are buzzing about a more serious case. A graduate student at Fudan University has been accused of finishing off his roommate with poison.

And that has renewed interest in a similar case two decades ago at Beijing's topTsinghua University in which a female student was poisoned. She didn't die, but she was paralysed, partially brain damaged and blinded for life. Her roommate was a suspect at the time, but went free eventually.

Bloggers are saying that's because she had political connection and was eventually able to flee to the US.

They've even started a petition on the White House website to try to get her back toChina. So far over 120,000 signatures have been collected.

A lot of the search terms related to the case were blocked on Weibo for a few days, but after the state media picked up on it, the censors backed off. So the victim Zhu Ling, her ex-roommate, and the White House immediately became the top three trending terms.

Zhu Ling's friend, now a famous Internet entrepreneur in China, helped save her life back in 1994 by using the Internet to ask doctors overseas for advice whenBeijing's doctors couldn't help her.

It looks like young Chinese, not trusting the government to do the job, are still trying to find her justice through the Internet.

This is Anita Li, your China Weibo Watcher"