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Disney Hikes Day Price To $95

posted 3 Jun 2013, 09:51 by Mpelembe   [ updated 3 Jun 2013, 09:52 ]

Reuters Business  Report -  The Daily Digit is $95.

That's the new, marked up price of a single-day ticket to Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando for visitors 10 and older.

It's a $6 hike from the previous $89.

The company also increased other prices for its other theme parks, the company announced on its DisneyParks blog.

For example in California, a day of fun at Disneyland in Anaheim will set a ticket buyer back by $92, up from $87.

It looks like Disney is banking on continuing attendance. And it may be right.

Last quarter, the company reported strong earnings boosted by visitors, who shelled out on tickets to check out Disney's new investments - Cars Land inCalifornia and the expansion of Fantasyland in Florida. Revenues from the parks and resorts division jumped 14 percent to $3.3 billion from the same time the year before.

According to, a fan website - Disney has raised ticket prices every year, with a few exceptions, since opening the Magic Kingdom more than four decades ago at just $3.50.