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Does Twitter Really Matter In Your Personal Branding Campaign?

posted 30 Nov 2010, 06:32 by Mpelembe   [ updated 30 Nov 2010, 06:33 ]

Twitter is on track to hit 33 Billion — with a "B"
— Tweets per year. Earlier this week Twitter said
users send out 90 million tweets on a daily basis.

Tweets per day are up to 90 million per day, according to
Twitter CEO Ev Williams. That is an increase of 450% from
under 20 million a year ago.

MyMark and Twitter

Twitter On Track for 33 Billion Tweets This Year

Business Insider, 2010

Great, but how many of us actually use to
manage our Tweets? I use HooteSuite and MyMark to read and
send Tweets. The traffic to only grew 100%
during the same growth period while Tweets grew about 450%.
Why does Twitter care? At some point they need to start
making money. The money comes from advertising. Advertising
dollars come from visitors to

So, what is Twitter doing about it? They are doing some
redesigns to their site. They want to get me back to their
site by adding more value and incorporating features into
the site that have been provided by others. For example, now
Twitter will show their photos and videos right on Twitter.
Will they win me back? Probably not, however, it is likely I
will actually go there more often to take advantage of
specific features. While Twitter is adding features,
companies like MyMark are not standing still. I prefer to
manage all my social media efforts from a single place.

Twitter is a great broadcast site with some opportunity for
dialog. Using Twitter to broadcast your news and to read the
news of others seems to be the most common use. If I want to
engage in a dialog I typically follow a link back to a blog
or other social media forum. Occasionally I will engage on a
open forum dialog right on Twitter. It really depends on the

Twitter is continuing to grow. It is a critical element in
any personal branding and professional networking strategy.
It is an essential compliment to Blog Marketing and Article
Marketing campaigns. The words of a trusted friend are as
true today as they were a few years ago when I asked him
advice on how to effectively use Twitter and Blogging for
business. He simply said "write a blog and then tweet about
it." Essentially, write a blog of interest to an audience
and then write a micro-blog (Tweet) about your blog. The
broadcast of your micro-blog will reach hundreds or millions
and drive traffic back to your blog where those interested
can read the entire blog and begin a dialog.

Keep blogging and micro-blogging about your blog. The world
really does want to learn from you!

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