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Facebook's next reveal

posted 22 Sept 2011, 15:24 by Mpelembe   [ updated 22 Sept 2011, 15:27 ]

Facebook wants users to listen to music, watch TV and create scrap books of their lives, and then share it with their friends, as the popular social media website unveils new upgrades.

USA-FACEBOOK - Facebook continues to grow up. Unveiling new features including an overhaul of user profiles called "Timeline" and introducing a host of new features that center on how users consume media- integrating partners like music service Spotify and video streaming service Hulu.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was effusive at the company's f8 developers conference, as he explained that users can see what their friends are listening to, or watching and with the click of a button, join in.


"Even before I start using Spotify, I can see what my friends are doing live as they listen to songs in my ticker and this creates a lot of serendipitous discovery."

But with users still adjusting to changes to Facebook made just days ago, some say the move is risky.

CNET Senior Editor Scott Stein:


"How much do you really want to share how much you are reading, how much you are watching, how much you are listening to things, and if Facebook really going to be the broker for that?"

The new features aim to get users to spend more time on the site, which in turn allows Facebook to generate more advertising dollars.

In June, rival Google launched its own social networking service Google +.


"I think some of this is kind of throwing it up at a wall and seeing what sticks. Who knows if we really need it or want it? And I think at this point they are just trying to put more into it, into Facebook, so they don't get left out in any one area. But there is so much to compete with now."

Left unclear: Facebook's expected integration with Netflix. CEO Reed Hastings, a Facebook board member, appeared on stage to say he was excited about a tighter integration with Facebook, but declined to give details.

Bobbi Rebell, Reuters