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Google+ Business Leader Sterling Ledet Available for Media Interviews

posted 20 Jul 2011, 12:18 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 20 Jul 2011, 12:21 ]

ATLANTAJuly 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- So you have a Google+ account. Now what? Until you add content providers, Google+ can look like a barren wasteland, so the first thing to do is add people worth following to a circle. One such person is Sterling Ledet.

Google+ users will get relevant, useful business information that will help them get the most from this platform when they connect to Sterling Ledet via Google+. To connect with this Adobe, Apple and Google-authorized advertising and marketing communications trainer, go to

"Mark my words, the ROI of getting involved with Google+ now will be remarkable," said Sterling Ledet. "People who were early to search engine marketing and optimization reaped tremendous benefits. Google+ results will be similar, but accelerated by an order of magnitude."

While it's still too early to open an account for your business or organization, the facts are people do business with people.

"Many business people who are taking a 'wait and see attitude' before opening their personal account could fall behind. While that approach is prudent when it comes to your corporate brand, it's already the right time for people to open their own personal account as an individual and start learning how this technology will rapidly be impacting the business environment," he said.

"It's wise to start using it professionally among your business and personal network now, so when you launch your brand, you'll be up to speed. Using new communication tools effectively requires learning new skills, and the best way to gain these skills is through hands-on application and practice," he said.

"One thing that's great about Google+ is the flexibility. You can post a message publicly, so Google+ acts somewhat like a rapid-fire public blog with a much larger audience than most blogs. If you choose one of your circles or extended circles, it's more like Twitter. If you address it to a specific circle, it can function somewhat like a newsletter. It truly changes the way you communicate," he said.

To understand why now's the time to get started learning about Google+, Ledet points out:

  • Business pages are coming soon.
  • Google+ activity will affect search engine rankings.
  • Hangouts have immediate business value.
  • It's an appropriate and professional way to engage with your clients. The Google Brand is sound and has high credibility.
  • Google+ is destined to become a new backbone for communications on the Internet. It makes advanced business functionality available at massive scale.


Ledet is available to the media for interviews in Atlanta and to the national media. To reach him, call 877-819-2665 ext. 101 or email [email protected].

"Reporters may need help understanding what Google+ is and how it impacts their audiences. As a recognized authorized Adobe, Apple and Google training company, our firm has helped clients become more effective in marketing and communications across multiple media. I can provide reporters with clear explanations of even difficult questions, without getting lost in technical details or jargon," he said. "I can offer rock-solid advice for audiences that want to learn how to use social media effectively. My particular focus is professional business audiences that want to learn how to incorporate Google+ as one component in their marketing and advertising strategy."

Reporters can ask such questions as:

1. What is Google+ and why is it so important?

2. I'm on Facebook and Twitter, why do I need another social network?

3. Will Google search engine give me greater visibility if I am on Google+?

4. What are Google+ Circles and how will they help me?

5. Is Google+ difficult to use?

6. How should I go about getting started with Google+ the right way? What common mistakes should I avoid?

7. What kind of results should I expect from a Google+ business initiative?

8. How can I make sure a marketing company or consultant steers me the right way when it comes to implementing Google+?

About Sterling Ledet

Sterling Ledet is a well-known marketing and communications expert focused on training. He founded Ledet Graphics Training Centers more than 20 years ago and was one of the first companies certified by Adobe. When Google was seeking training partners for its Sketchup brand of graphic arts programs, representatives approached Ledet to be part of the initial pilot. The company is certified by Apple, Adobe and Google as an authorized training partner. The company focuses on training services for internal advertising departments for large and medium-sized businesses as well as government and advertising agencies.


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