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How To Create A Website For Free!

posted 10 Sept 2010, 15:51 by Mpelembe

To create a functional and effective website, it is important
to first develop a plan. Identify your intended audience to
enable you to deliver the desired content to the target
audience. Define the project goals, audience profile,
primary message and competitive advantage. Content should be
categorized according to user needs and each category named
with a concise, descriptive title that will become a link on
the website. To create an effective website, it is important
to develop a visual diagram (site map) which is a visual
representation of your content outline and site structure.
The use of colors, consistency, content, graphics,
navigation and web style all work together to create an
effective website.

When creating a website, you need to select a hosting
service and URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or web address
for your site. Create an HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
Code for your website by using pre-made HTML Templates, HTML
editors or a combination of these methods. HTML templates are
available online to download, unzip and add your own text.
HTML editors assist in creating a website by use of tool
bars, buttons and icons that insert the necessary tags.HTML
can also be created manually, by using a text editor such as
Notepad. In HTML, a tag tells the browser what to do, helps
to change the appearance of text, to display a graphic, or
create a link to another page.

It is crucial when creating a website, to upload your files
to your host computer. Obtain your username, FTP address and
password from your hosting service. FTP (File Transfer
Protocol) is a protocol used on the internet to download
files from a server or upload files to a server. A website
should, when creating it, be tested for HTML validation,
load time, bad links and spelling errors. An HTML validator
is a grammar checker that understands the rules of HTML and
helps to identify HTML coding errors that do not conform to
HTML standards. HTML validation is thus critical when
creating your website as it will also ensure that your web
page has cross-browser compatibility enabling more people to
view it correctly.

Promoting your website is key to creating a website that
will generate traffic. Add HTML tags to your web pages, and
fill in some online forms to register it with the various
search engines and directories. Confirm that your listing
has been processed by going to the search engine and search
for your site by Title or URL. When creating a website,
develop a website maintenance plan that documents how the
website will be updated and reviewed regularly. Website
maintenance helps to enhance and improve the design, to
update or add additional information, to respond to
visitor?s comments or recommendations and to correct errors
and design problems. When creating your website, make
provision for adding enhancements and new features such as a
guest book, graphics, free banners, logos, a personal search
engine, web poll and links to Webmaster.

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