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Japan-Sleep Economy -- Sleep products gain popularity in Japan

posted 13 Jul 2013, 05:01 by Mpelembe   [ updated 13 Jul 2013, 05:02 ]

 China Central Television (CCTV) - Japan is one of the nations which has the shortest per capita sleep time, and nearly one third of Japanese adults sleep less than five hours a day.

According to related data, direct and indirect economic loss arising from lack of sleep totals 220 billion yuan a year. As a result, the Japanese market of sleep goods and services has expanded to 10 billion yuan and is expected to rise 5 percent a year.

In a sleep store in Tokyo, a 150-square-meter room offers over 100 sleep-related products. A "fast sleep" pillow can automatically adjust itself to a proper height according to sleeper's posture and effectively lease the pressure on his neck.

The store manager said that while the varieties of sleep products have diversified by two to three folds, the sales have also nearly doubled since 2009.

"I brought this 3D eye mask today. Since I am often on business trips, an eye mask will be helpful when I want to sleep during my journey," said a customer.

According to statistical data, there are nearly 90 percent corporate employees whose lack of sleep has affected their work efficiency.

To ensure work efficiency, a company in Ota-ku named Disco opened noon-break rooms totaling 260 square meters, which can accommodate 15 people to sleep at a time.

"After using the noon-break rooms, our employees feel totally different and are energetic in the whole afternoon. They feel mentally refreshed and are better in judgment," said the Disco manager.

The Royal Park Shiodome Tower Hotel in Tokyo has "fast sleep" rooms available for customers hoping to improve sleep quality. Sound and light are automatically adjusted to stimulate day or night.

Once the "fast sleep" mode is turned on, the room service system automatically turns off light, releases incense and plays hypnosis music.

Special mattresses made of elastic soft materials stimulate the buoyancy of water to help customers to get to sleep quickly. When sleep time is over, sounds like running water and bird tweet will wake customers up.

Though the price of a "fast sleep" room is 50 percent higher than that of a regular one, it is still popular among customers.

Nabatame Shindo, public relations manager of the Royal Park Shiodome Tower Hotel, said that the customer satisfaction rate has been 75 percent and the number of "sleep rooms" has been doubled.

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