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Should You Adopt The Latest Mobile Recruiting Technology

posted 14 Sept 2010, 08:20 by Mpelembe   [ updated 14 Sept 2010, 08:29 ]
The new online recruitment solution that is taking the recruitment market by a storm is using recruitment apps or recruitment applications as a medium for communicating job vacancy information directly to potential jobseekers either via their android mobile phone or their iphone. The explosion in demand for mobile phone applications is not a secret and has been excellent for news agenda in the last year. However few businesses have yet to catch on to what a great marketng tool these apps or applications can be.

Among the leading suppliers of iphone applications and android applications for recruitment in the united kingdom has sold 27 of these applications during the past 9 months, and the amount of job applications resulting has been nothing if not astounding. The team that specializes in both android and iphone programming have developed the product to the extent that it is now possible to not only search and apply for job vacancies from job boards or company websites on your mobile device, additionally it is possible to incorporate a full HR recruitment brochure and videos. Another extremly useful feature is the ability to attach your CV or resume to the android or iphone application and to make direct application on your mobile phone or device.

The mobile market is progressing really quickly. Since March 2010 there is a 45% jump in the amount of job search applications in Apple's app store alone! Research suggests that you will see closer to 100 Mobile Recruiting apps in the App Store by January 2011. If you combine this with the rapid growth in demand for smart phones powered by Google's android operating system and running android applications the amount of downloads from the android exchange is staggering.

Morgan Stanley's research in April has shown that mobile has the strength to overtake the desktop by 2014. With the increasing move by Internet users toward convenience, immediacy and privacy, mobile provides the perfect platform for future years of the job search. If you need to keep up with today's job seekers and serve tomorrow's jobseekers, your strategy needs to include mobile.

The iPhone provides an innovative way to gain brand awareness and have an increased presence within the mobile Internet market. By utilising iphone application technology you may be market leading in the recruitment industry, reach a vast new audience and increase your brand awareness- all with no additional work the job board or company HR department.

Should you get an iPhone application built? There has been over 30 million iPhones sold since its launch in 2008! There are over 75,000 applications to download and currently only 2 for UK jobs! Increase your brand awareness and keep ahead of your competition ! Since the launch of the iPhone / iTouch there were over 2 billion App downloads! Be seen by companies and recruitment agencies as the market leader in Technology! Get new registered users and jobseekers that are already registered with you can apply direct from the iPhone.

What features should your application have? All jobs from your jobs feed should be available to search on your application Jobseekers should manage to search by Job title: For example "Sales Manager" Search by County, City, Town or even village along with a mile radius slider bar! Search by Salary... Jobseekers looking for a salary of 50K should not see jobs for less The Jobseeker should be able to save multiple jobs that are of interest to them to keep or delete later on. The jobseeker are able to view the job on your site or email to their personal email address to apply for later on.

Should employers be using mobile recruitment technology via android apps and iphone apps? Recruiters are already talking to your potential talent via mobile, extending their brand value in the mobile space and marketing jobs through apps. They are catching job seekers when they wish to search; at home, at work, on the move.

Mobile is social; and communication is important. You can connect with your job seekers too, letting them know that you're on hand to help their job search. The mobile channel allows 1:1 personal communication to each individual candidate, this is invaluable in today's busy marketplace.

In case you are not using the latest technology for mobile recruitment via android apps and iphone apps your competitors soon will be!

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