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Mobile Social Networking Usage Set to Grow to 1.9 Billion Users Over the Next Five Years

posted 15 Aug 2011, 06:03 by Mpelembe   [ updated 15 Aug 2011, 06:06 ]

LONDON, August 15, 2011/PRNewswire/ -- 

Visiongain's latest management report "Mobile Social Networking 2011-2016" examines the rapidly growing market of social networking on mobile devices. This brand new report provides forecasts of growth for the category, market sizing and analysis of development prospects for the period 2011-2016. 

Visiongain research has shown that the Mobile Social Networking user base in 2011 to be around 1.1 billion globally; this is set to grow at a CAGR rate of 11.8% over the next five years to over 1.9 billion users. This huge market has many dynamics of monetization, user habits, fierce competition and localized trends dictating its development. Mobile Social Networking 2011-2016 provides a detailed breakdown and analysis of all of these facets of the sector, through to 2016. 

Operators and vendors working in mobile markets will learn key information from this report concerning the key players in the Mobile Social Networking market, their strategies and business models. In 2011, the Asian market represents the dominant 35% of the global Mobile Social Networking market, but will this market sustain the growth rates, or other emerging markets start to hot up? The report breaks down the worldwide market by individual region and country groups offering specific analysis on the major players and recent developments in those sub markets. It then offers forecasts through to 2016, based on the latest visiongain intelligence information. The report also shows irrespective of the most activity, which markets are producing the most ARPU globally. 

Mobile Social Networking sector is due to undergo significant changes over the forecast period with the major adjustments in the ICT industry. Readers will be able to anticipate these fluctuations and position their business models accordingly, be it a new media start-up, handset vendor, software vendor or mobile network service provider. 

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