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New Campaign Aims To Increase Local Tourism In South Africa

posted 29 Sept 2013, 11:54 by Mpelembe   [ updated 29 Sept 2013, 11:55 ]

South Africans are being encouraged to explore their own country and experience the beauty that lures millions of international tourists each year. The department of Tourism and South African Tourism has introduced a new domestic tourism campaign known as 'Sho't Left' that aims to promote a culture of local tourism.

 SOUTH AFRICA  (TOURISM SA) -  South Africa has introduced a new catchy campaign directed at growing the number of domestic travellers in the country.

The domestic campaign dubbed "Nothing's more fun than a shot'left' invites travellers to become a nation of fun seekers by taking a break and enjoying easy, fun and affordable breaks.

Shot Left is a common phrase used locally, when a commuter needs a taxi ride to a destination near by and usually says "sho't left driver"

Energetic, kick dancer and musician, Dr Malinga stars in the video advertisement. The flamboyant Malinga, known for his colourful suits and his kicks has been travelling around the country encouraging people to hit the road and and discover millions of fantastic experiences the country offers.

The campaign also comes with offers put together by Tourism South Africa and its partners.

"We must increase this 12.5 million South Africans travelling to a much higher number, if I can get a 10 percent growth in last year's number I would be very happy, I would say the campaign is paying off," said Thulani Nzima, Tourism South Africa's chief executive.

Last year, at least 12.5 million adult South Africans took 25.4 million trips and spent at least four nights away from home per trip.

Although South Africa's tourism growth rate is well above the global growth rate, Nzima says he could be happy if there could also be an increase in domestic travel.

Many South Africans agree that its important to promote domestic tourism but express mixed views on vacation costs.

"Travelling in South Africa is not that expensive, it's something a person should do two, three times a year" said Lerato Zinto, a Johannesburg resident.

"Well it's expensive, so yeah that's why I don't travel a lot, as much as I'd love to travel, monetary is just not there for me to travel, like I said i am student" said another Johannesburg resident, Nazo Jordaan.

A new economic growth path in the country, aims to create 5 million jobs in South Africa by 2020, and has identified tourism as one of its six key sectors.

South Africa's department of tourism says domestic tourism still requires more attention and that its a key component of growth in the sector. It also notes that many in the country are still not aware of accessible offers that can help reduce cost barriers.

A number of South Africans have also been encouraged by the local travel promotions and are taking holidays.

"I normally travel to Soweto, to Mandela place to see the monument, I also go to Hector Perterson Memorial stone, today i am in Sandton I am just touring I am in school holidays." said Dikeledi Msibi, who lives in Johannesburg.

Tourism South Africa says market research found that there was need to package a message of value, accessibility and the sheer fun South Africa holiday.

Tourism Minister Marthinus Van Schalkwyk said excellent tourist arrivals growth of 10.2% in 2012 had made South Africa an exceptional global destination whose arrivals growth consistently tracked higher than the world-wide average.

South Africa hopes to reach its target of being one of the 20 top destinations in the world by 2020.