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New Gap Design Prompts Web Protest

posted 16 Oct 2010, 06:23 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 16 Oct 2010, 06:24 ]

Gap has binned its new logo design following an online outcry
on social networking sites.

The high street clothes retailer decided to make a U-turn on
its new branding, which displayed the word "Gap" on a white
background with a small blue square sitting over the letter
'p', after a flood of negative comments from consumers.

Fans of the retailer proceeded to post thousands of
pessimistic remarks after the new logo was launched and a
Twitter account was set up in protest to the change that
amassed nearly 5,000 followers.

Marka Hansen, president of the Gap brand in North America,
told the firm's Facebook page: "We've been listening to and
watching all of the comments this past week.

"We heard them say over and over again they are passionate
about our blue box logo, and they want it back. So we've
made the decision to do just that - we will bring it back
across all channels."

Search engine site Bing has undergone a web design
transformation in order to make its homepage more

A Quick Tabs feature has been launched to enable easier
access to relevant search results and more content across
channels such as shopping, health and travel has also been

Satya Nadella, of Bing, said: "Ten per cent of search
queries are entertainment-related and Bing is making a first
step today to help having a great entertainment experience on
Bing easy and fun."

Bing's makeover comes hot on the heels of Google's decision
to let users add a favourite photo or image in order to
personalise the background of its homepage.

It seems that it might not be long before the two search
engine homepages are indistinguishable.

Google appears to be invading our lives so it is
increasingly important that businesses rank highly on the
all-conquering search engine.

Research by My Voucher Codes discovered that the majority of
British people see the Google logo once every nine minutes
and 47 per cent said they have Google as their homepage or
it is the first page that they access once online.

In addition, 34 per cent said that the Google logo was the
most prominent in their lives and 53 per cent confessed that
they used the search engine as a spelling tool.

Most importantly the survey discovered that 52 per cent of
people said they searched for something using Google between
ten and 20 times every day.

Chairman of MyVoucherCodes Mark Pearson said: "We were not
surprised to see that Google is the most recognised logo
amongst Brits as it has become such an institution."

A presence on social networking sites must also be a must
for website owners as the study found that Facebook and
Twitter also ranked highly in brand awareness.

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