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New Online Money Transfer Service for Zimbabwe & Zambia

posted 1 Feb 2011, 07:53 by Mpelembe   [ updated 1 Feb 2011, 07:58 ]

Chiswick, London - WorldRemit, a UK based company, has just launched a new award-winning internet based money transfer service which makes sending money home much easier for Zimbabweans and Zambians living abroad. By partnering with Barnfords Financial Services in Zimbabwe and Runnymede in Zambia, it now offers a convenient way to make transfers to Harare, Mutare, Bulawayo and Lusaka.

Since sending money overseas is subject to complex financial regulations, senders usually need to visit an agent in order to present their ID documents, a process which can often be time consuming. However WorldRemit's innovative internet based service allows people to send money safely from the privacy and convenience of their own home. The ID verification is seamlessly built in to the sign-up process, so a sender only needs to register once and then can use the system again and again. Doing a transaction literally only takes a couple of minutes.

Eunice Kurangwa, General Manager of Barnfords Global and Financial Services (Private) Limited says:
"This product is exciting news for us, bearing in mind the busy schedules of our fellow Zimbabweans abroad, who will now be able to transfer money at their convenience as it is internet-based. Barnfords has been in business for more than 14 years. We at Barnfords, provide instant payout at our locations which are easily accessible and provide a neat, safe and friendly environment."

Bunda Kangwa, Managing Director of Runnymede Money Transfers Limited says:
"It is an added advantage that once the transaction is completed, the recipient gets a text message on their mobile phone with the transaction details and the sender is advised accordingly when the recipient collects the cash. It is a proven and tested online money transfer system."

The first time a new sender uses the system they need to register but for future transfers they simply login, select the amount they want to transfer, add their recipient's details and pay online.

WorldRemit currently offers money transfer to 25 countries. Recipients can receive money either by collecting cash from one of the many pay-out locations or in some countries directly in their bank or mobile phone account. The website transactions are secured using the highest level of online security available and the company is registered with the UK Financial Services authority.