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PlayStation Vita puts power in hands of gamers

posted 22 Feb 2012, 12:08 by Mpelembe   [ updated 22 Feb 2012, 12:08 ]

Sony believes the PS Vita has the potential to transform the mobile gaming market, but with many consumers already playing games on their mobiles and tablets there are questions over the future of dedicated portable gaming devices.

UK-NEW PLAYSTATION - Sony is betting that there's life in the portable gaming device yet .

It's latest handheld console called the PlayStation Vita adds cameras, social networking features and new controls to tap and toggle.

But do consumers really need a dedicated device for mobile gaming when mobile phones and tablets offer gaming and so much more?

Feargal Gara, Sony Computer Entertainment Managing Director, UK and Ireland saying

"So this is a five inch OLED screen. So higher resolution and considerably bigger size than A the PSP and B the smartphones out there."

Feargal Gara is the managing director of Sony Computer Entertainment in the UK and Ireland.

Feargal Gara, Sony Computer Entertainment Managing Director, UK and Ireland saying (English)

"We believe we've taken the high ground here in terms of taking a big technological leap and whilst smartphones and tablets offer a plethora of gaming opportunities they tend to be in the low value, stop, go, snack-gaming territory if you like. So for around about half the price of a tablet, or at least a market leading tablet you can get your hands on the PlayStation Vita which majors on the gaming experience."

The PS Vita allows gamers to put themselves in the picture, through augmented reality. Snap a shot of your menacing mug...pick a hairstyle and outfit and this device allows you to

face off against your real world friends in the digitally enhanced real world. This title, which retails separately, is called Reality Fighter.

Feargal Gara, Sony Computer Entertainment Managing Director, UK and Ireland saying (English)

"You can bring yourself or your friends, your own face on to the character to play in your own real world. Which is at the very least great fun. Where does it lead? I'm not exactly sure but I'm really interested to see where the creativity of the development community can take it."

This woman is so impressed with Sony's latest play in the gaming space that she bought five.

Unidentified Woman saying

"Mainly just to give to my friends."

Ernest Cooper bought a PSVita for his wife, but you get the sense he'll be borrowing it.

Ernest Cooper, Shopper, saying 

"It's the tactile. I haven't played with this yet but it's got tactile buttons on the top and the bottom, and the augmented reality. Like a camera, there's something about a mechanical instrument that you play with and use. It's not just a button in your pocket."

The PSVita already launched in Japan late last year, and it's now rolling out in the U.S. Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australasia.

It will be a few weeks before a real picture emerges of whether this form factor has indeed been revitalized through the Vita.

Matt Cowan, Reuters