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Proview's founder denies compensation reports in iPad dispute

posted 19 Feb 2012, 04:03 by Mpelembe   [ updated 19 Feb 2012, 04:03 ]

China-iPad Dispute -- Proview's founder denies compensation reports in iPad dispute

CCTV BEIJING - Proview's Taiwanese founder Yang Long-san denied Friday that Proview is seeking a huge amount of compensation from Apple Inc. following a legal battle over the use of the trademark "iPad".

To discuss in detail the "iPad" case, the debt restructuring representative and lawyers for technology firm Proview Shenzhen held a press briefing in Beijing.

Yang Long-san showed some iPad products from his company to the press who also stated that a large amount of investment had been put into developing iPad products after the trademark was designed in 1998.

"The trademark, 'iPad', has accompanied our company since 1998, so I was hurt by what happened. We are seeking for protection from the Chinese laws. However, the rumors for a 10 billion yuan (about 1.6 billion U.S. dollars) is not what we have asked for, they are the opinions from some professionals," said Yang.

The focal point of the dispute is on whether Apple Inc. had gained the right to use the trademark in the Chinese mainland area from Proview.

According to a document provided by Ma Dongxiao, the lawyer representing Proview Shenzhen, Yang Long-san had not signed on the agreement paper granting Apple's right to use the trademark.

"The industrial and commercial bureau could investigate and seize Apple's 'iPad' products since a legal transfer of trademark has not taken place," said Ma.

Li Su, debt restructuring representative from Proview said that Apple should have prepared itself for the cost of violating the laws and the overall compensation could reach 30 billion yuan (about 4.8 billion US dollars) according to their calculation.

Li added that Apple knew it broke the laws and wanted to buy the "iPad" trademark at some ten million U.S. dollars, however an agreement between the two parties was not reached.

Apple was plunged into a legal dilemma after losing a Dec 2011 court case to Proview Shenzhen, which meant the company could not use the trademark "iPad" in the Chinese mainland. Some stores have pulled iPad products off their shelves and Apple has requested Amazon to halt its iPad retail in China.

Authorities in some Chinese cities have taken action to seize Apple iPad products after receiving complaints from Proview Shenzhen.

The High Court of Guangdong Province in south China will offer their ruling over the case on Feb 29.

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