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Rich vie for Luxury London flats

posted 19 Jan 2011, 15:02 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 19 Jan 2011, 15:05 ]
London's newest and most expensive residential development -One Hyde Park - opens, costing a record 6,000 pounds per square foot.
UK-ONE HYDE PARK - Opening its doors for the first time - London's newest and, say the developers, most prestigious apartment blocks.

One Hyde Park has 86 apartments, 4 penthouses and breathtaking views across London.

The average costs £6,000 a square foot - a world record according to property experts.

Dominic Grace is head of residential sales at Savills and the lead agents for the development.

Dominic Grace, head of residential sales, Savills, saying:

"Well they want the best and London is surprisingly short of really truly world class residential accommodation and this is probably the only place in London that provides what they want in the way of services amenities, air conditioning and in this case facilities and services by the Oriental Hotel next door."

As part of the Hotel's group, residents will have access to its 24 hour room service.

Ordering a pizza whilst watching tv won't be a problem.

The project is being managed by the Candy Brothers, Christian in blue and Nick in brown.

 Nick Candy, Candy & Candy, saying:

"We have to appeal to as many people as possible so we have buyers from China India, Middle East, Eastern Europe, America and all these people have different tastes and different styles. So when we're designing a show apartment like this, we're trying to appeal to as greater number of people as possible so a lot of the tones that are used are very neutral."

 Christian Candy, Candy & Candy, saying:

"This building was funded prior to the credit crunch with a large loan put in from EuroHypo the main bank now if you're trying to get that facility today in the current economic climate, most people in the industry and in finance would agree it's impossible to get a facility of the size and scale that we've delivered in One Hyde Park."

The scheme took five years to complete and cost £250 million. It was designed by contemporary architect Richard Rogers.

 Richard Rogers, Rogers Stirk Harbour, saying:

"This is the most amazing position in terms of view, if you had to say what is unique about it, is the fact that it's in Knightsbridge you can almost see Harrods out of one window if you like and you have the most beautiful park in Europe on the other side which is Hyde Park, those are the things which are absolutely fantastic, so from that senses it's probably the best residential site, certainly in London and you could say much of the world."

And with prices thought to top 100 million pounds there's no shortage of buyers - 60 percent of the apartments are already sold.

Hayley Platt, Reuters