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Royal Wedding 2.0 - you're invited!

posted 20 Apr 2011, 11:43 by Mpelembe   [ updated 20 Apr 2011, 11:46 ]
The world's largest social network Facebook reveals its plan to track and share online buzz during the Royal Wedding, while an app is launched giving mobile users a glimpse inside Westminster Abbey.
UK-ROYAL WEDDING FACEBOOK - The temperature is simmering, the streets shimmering as London readies for the Royal Wedding.

Though tradition will dictate much of what takes place on Prince William and Kate Middleton's big day, the couple's ambition to make the wedding as accessible as possible means that the event is already being dubbed Royal Wedding 2.0.

It's been announced that the wedding will be live-streamed on YouTube, it has its own official hashtag on

Twitter and an event page has been set up on The British Monarchy's official Facebook profile to keep people up-to-date.

Reuters TV can now reveal that the world's largest social network will track and share sentiment around the event, as it's happening.

Facebook Europe Vice President Joanna Shields:

Joanna Shields, Facebook EMEA Vice President, saying

"So working with our broadcast partners CNN and ITN we've added live-streaming comments within that livestream so people can actually say what they're feeling and thinking during the wedding itself. So throughout the entire pomp and circumstance, everyone's able to contribute their own opinion - what they're feeling, what they're thinking. In addition to that we're measuring the buzz and taking all of the statistics from what people are saying and feeding that to our broadcast partners so they're able to say at any given time so many people - X number of people have commented on the dress or what they think about how Kate Middleton must be feeling this morning."

Reuters Technology Correspondent Matt Cowan says "When Kate Middleton walks down the aisle on April 29, there will be thousands of people watching the Royal Wedding from inside Westminster Abbey, but if you didn't get your invitation fear not. There's an app that will bring you inside this magnificent buidling."

Imogen Levy came up with the idea for the application called Abbey 3D which will run on both Apple and Google Android devices.

Imogen Levy, Application Designer saying :

"So this is showing part of the walk through that Kate will do on the actual day. This is showing the 3D abbey in its full glory, focussing on all the bits that Kate will pass as she walks down the aisle right to the high alter."

Levy says the app makes use of laser scanning data that was commissioned by an archaelogist for research purposes. Combined with CGI, it renders an extraordinarily vivid depiction of the historic abbey from the coronation chair to the shrine of St. Edward the confessor who founded the Abbey in 1066.

Imogen Levy, Application Designer saying:

"I wanted to create something for people who wouldn't normally come to the Abbey. So people who are overseas, who are desperate to see inside, who may not be able to visit the Abbey after the wedding or before."

And in that aim, those representing this historic abbey and rather relatively young social network sound remarkably similar.

Joanna Shields, Facebook EMEA Vice President, saying

"What we thought we'd do is make this a royal wedding where everyone was invited, where everyone could participate with their friends."

Both in London and online, the Royal Wedding promises to be a social occasion quite unlike anything that's been seen for quite some time.

Matt Cowan, Reuters.