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Semi-naked party allows participants to get dressed for free in a famous clothing store

posted 9 Jan 2013, 14:43 by Mpelembe   [ updated 9 Jan 2013, 14:44 ]

Semi-naked Parisians take advantage of winter sales and are offered a free complete outfit at clothing store.

PARISFRANCE (JANUARY 9, 2013) (REUTERS) -  A semi-naked party was organised in Paris on Wednesday (January 9), allowing those entering the store in their underwear to receive a complete outfit free of charge as winter sales kick off.

While the Spanish brand Desigual has already hosted similar parties elsewhere, it was the first of its kind in the French capital.

Two buses carried the scantily clad shoppers to the store, allowing them to get undressed away from prying eyes and gear up for the party with live DJs.

For most shoppers, the event was a much-appreciated opportunity to pick up items that they couldn't usually afford for free. One customer, asked whether she usually bought items at Desigual, was keen to state the perks of the event.

"I don't have that kind of money! That's why this is so good, because I can come and get the clothes," she said.

Rules permitted participants to take any top and any bottom to make up their new outfit. One attendee described herself as 'delighted' to have picked up a coat in the deal.

Browsing the sales wearing only underwear also proved a bit hit with some in the French capital. Customer Jennifer said it had given her unanticipated freedom.

"You're free, you can try on clothes anywhere. It's actually more practical, it's great. It's a must. I'm always going to do it," she said.

To be able to participate to the event, the 100 people selected had to register on the web.

The sales continue throughout France for five weeks. Customers who missed the Semi-naked Party are free to shop fully clothed.