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Shiree Odiz Uses SEO Idol Event to Try to Top Google Search Results

posted 10 Feb 2011, 03:27 by Mpelembe   [ updated 10 Feb 2011, 03:30 ]
NEW YORK, NY, February 10, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but it seems Google is a diamond's best friend! New York and Israel based diamond jeweler Shiree Odiz will use the popular search-engine to find 20 world class Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts, offering the top applicant, to be named the "SEO Idol" a minimum of $10,000 dollars just for turning up to interview! are launching the largest ever SEO competition to keep pace with market leaders Tiffany & Co. and Blue Nile, who between them made over $450m dollars in online sales in 2009, according to their public financial reports. With accounting for over 45% of global Internet users, according to the latest statistics, and results now appearing on multi-platforms (Google international sites, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo!), SEO specialists, whose primary aim is to enhance a company's online portfolio, are vital in tackling the fast-growing and often confusing Internet landscape.

"To move our business forwards we look to acquire the most talented SEO experts around," said Daniel Setton, Shiree Odiz's English-born CEO. "SEO vastly enhances online presence, which in turn generates a healthy return over time. Consequently, we want to know who and also where, the best SEOs are. This means national pride is at stake too with SEO from professionals all over the world all hopefully engaging in healthy competition. The whole process should be a real challenge and a lot of fun for everyone involved."

The prize really has no strings. There is no cost to enter and no obligation on the winner to fulfill any contract, although work will be offered to all 20 successful freelancers or agencies, as well as cash payouts, at the end of the year-long event. With bait of a tempting, but modest, $15,000 prize pool available today and 10% of all website sales to be added by Shiree Odiz, this event will most likely attract more of the casual SEO marketers, however as the prize money rises, this could soon appeal to the big leagues; making this anyone's game.

Shiree Odiz is a New York based diamond jeweler, and online retailer, specializing in exclusive designs for engagement rings and fine diamond jewelry. For more information go to or contact Mr. Setton on[email protected] or +972544450713.

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