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Spanish brand ZARA apologies for substandard products sold in China

posted 7 May 2011, 05:57 by Mpelembe   [ updated 7 May 2011, 06:00 ]
ZARA Apologizes -- Spanish brand ZARA apologies for substandard products sold in China

China Central Television - As a response to some of its substandard products blacklisted by Chinese authorities two weeks ago, a representative of Spanish brand ZARA in Shanghai apologized to Chinese customers on Friday.

And the representative announced that, from May 6, 2011 on, customers are eligible either to refund on their substandard products or exchange for other products of the same price at ZARA stores without necessarily displaying the receipts.

A clerk of a ZARA store in Shanghai said that all the products in problem had been off the shelf, and they began to accept returns since Friday night. The products in problem include two overcoats and a type of men's casual trousers.

Xu Xueqing, Director of Public Relations of ZARA Commercial (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., said: "We are very sorry to our customers, and we will abide by China Quality Act, strengthen monitoring of our global suppliers and manufacturers in future. We guarantee that no such things would happen again."

Despite a nationwide bottom carriage and unconditional return of ZARA garments in problem, many disappointed Chinese consumers still hold that the brand has greatly faded.

"I think ZARA should have thought of the consequences before doing this. And I don't think recalling its products in problem could be taken as a reparation for consumers," said a Shanghai resident.

"I will continue to shop in ZARA stores, but not as frequently as before. For example, I visited ZARA shops 10 times in the past, now I'll be there only 6 or 7 times," said a customer.

ZARA had been blacklisted twice in China. In December 2009, a ZARA overcoat was found to have failed to meet the prescribed standard. Then at the end of 2010, an overcoat was found to have falsified to have cashmere content.

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