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The Next Best Thing In Package Delivery?

posted 2 Dec 2013, 09:38 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 2 Dec 2013, 09:38 ]


R Reports - A lot of us like to shop online because it's fast and easy.

Now is hoping to make the delivery process just as speedy.

The company is testing a new system called Prime Air that would deliver packages using drones.

It would all begin here at an Amazon distribution center.

The item would be placed in a yellow box, sent down a conveyer belt, and a drone would pick up the package and fly it to the customer's home.

Guided by a GPS system, the drone would be capable of delivering packages up to 5 pounds and traveling within a 10-mile radius.

Amazon's CEO says it'll probably be another four to five years before the new drone delivery system makes it to a home near you.