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The Seduction Of Making Money Online

posted 24 Sept 2010, 11:31 by Mpelembe   [ updated 24 Sept 2010, 11:33 ]

But, very frankly as you well know you will make absolutely
zero dollars,everytime you buy and try their products
whether new or old! I am convinced, that the only thing that
can stop this systematic terrorism of online fraud is the
introduction of basic honesty and truth when dealing online
with poor un-suspecting victim John Doe is a Champion of
truth. A Champion of truth who will tell and do the truth
and reveal up-front:

. odds are very high in your favor of you making    nothing
on the internet
. a basic blue-print is always needed to indentify a
specific market niche
. a specific tool to get traffic and a targeted buying
audience is needed
. it will cost you money to do
. the marketing product being sold to you is a pipe-   dream
. only thing you can believe is the small print dis-claimer
at the end of sales message
. everything about this money making online situation is
high risk of you losing

This is and always will be the true picture of the seduction
of making money online. Therefore,when you attempt and try to
make money online you should know in your heart and thru
physical evidence the odds are truly in your favor or good
research. Then only should you proceed with extreme care and
caution...even with all this done by you it is still a
seduction and pipe-dream. The prospects for you to make
money online is only as good as the Champion of truth, the
object of your faith your are willing to trust.

However, we are presumed upon again and again with the same
old tired promises of false hope. The same deceptive tone is
always presented on their slick sales pages. Promises that
are not kept, once you have spent your money for the
product. These seducers have only one objective in mind and
that is to separate you from your hard earned money.

But, the buck can stop here...and again it is up to each of
us to do our specific part.. to stop the seducers Now in
their tracks by our action of not buying, no more spending
our hard earned money on the products of these online
abusers. And as we stand united and together doing all the
aforementioned, we guarantee an end to the evil seduction
online. Sadly to say this must be the necessary case and
ending for many to end the spending and wasting of lots and
lots of money.

As an author of truth, I stand as one of these Champion of
truth to rid the internet market-place of fraudulent
seduction--making money online thru the telling of lies and
deception. Trust this author to knock out this repeated
seduction making money online.

About the Author:

I am tired of fraudulent seduction of making money on
line...I know you are too. Thank you for your trust and
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