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The Various Types Of Annoying Clients You Can Expect To Deal With As A New Company Owner

posted 29 Nov 2010, 12:24 by Mpelembe   [ updated 29 Nov 2010, 12:26 ]

As a new business owner, you will quickly find that a lot of
people are quite frankly mad.   From the customer that cries,
to the nutter that turns up at your home, you will meet all
sorts off weird people.   Here are five personal favourites.

 Our first problem customer is the know-it-all customer.
They are the leading world authority in what you do.
Beware this customer, for their knowledge and intelligence
would make Einstein turn in his grave.  The know-it-all
customer doesn't need you- you are beneath them.  This
customer, ironically is the one that is always breaking
everything.   Mind you, they are never to blame

 If you enjoy soap operas, you will enjoy dealing with the
melodramatic customer.   They panic at every given moment.
While the melodramatic customer isn't a bad apple, they are
generally a pain.   They will never wait all weekend for you
to get back to them.   Watch a real panic attack when things
properly break! When talking about 'things going wrong' this
might mean that their services goes offline for thirty
seconds.  Just wait for them to start crying down the phone.

 The royalty customer is king (or queen!).  Given the
opportunity, they'd love to sign their emails in royal ink.
 When this customer contacts you, they will do so like they
are planning a state visit.   Watch your words with this
customer.   You are beneath this customer.  The royalty
customer also assumes that all your other customers are
largely insignificant and are to be served after they have
finished.  This is the customer you would love to meet down
a dark alleyway.

 We will introduce the cheap-ass customer shortly, as they
are very like the devious customer.   The devious customer
is on a constant watch of your website.   This customer will
always take advantage of special offers and try and switch to
that package.   In their mind, you are overpriced and they
are paying too much.   They never pay their bills on time,
and they will constantly gripe at how expensive you are.

Finally, meet the devious customer. Similar to the cheap
customer, but with a nasty side.  Any situation will be
manipulated by the devious customer to their own advantage.
 If they wish to cancel and avoid a cancellation fee, they
will try ever means possible to wriggle themselves out of an
agreement.  Like with the other customers, they are best
avoiding.   Remember though, not all customers are like
this.   Problem customers are a minority.

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