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8 Tips To Help Build Buyer's Trust

posted 13 Sep 2010, 06:43 by Mpelembe   [ updated 13 Sep 2010, 06:44 ]

The last decade or so has left many consumers somewhat gun
shy about buying online products. Many fell for the claims
of instant wealth - only to find that what they got was
incomplete information.
The so-called work-at-home opportunities turned out to be
"processing rebates," from products they had to sell using
Here are some helpful guidelines you can use to gain buyer

These tips have been tested, and time-proven to help boost
online credibility. They let people know that you are
running an honest business. People now-a-days need to know
who they are dealing with, and no matter how flashy and up
to date the site may appear, most often they want to know a
little more about it.

(1.) Have transparency about who you are and what you do.
(People often research those who they buy from online,
before they make the purchase.) Remember, everything you do
online leaves a digital trail, which does not go away. Have
references, as well as testimonials from satisfied

(2.If you are selling products, be sure to include a
guarantee also. People like to know they can get their money
back if they wish, they should not be made to wonder about

(3.) If you provides services, then put the providers
picture (or video of provider) on the Web site, so visitors
may know they are dealing with an actual person - not just a
Web site.

(4.) Give prospects free, informative, engaging information,
about the products or services so they will be able to make
an informed decision about what is being offered.

(5.Offer them more than just a picture, and a shopping cart.
Either write, or have written, explicit word descriptions,
which show the direct benefits the product or service

(6.) Dull, poorly written Sales copy, will fail to do the
job of selling - no matter how good the product or service
may be.

(7.) Keep the content of your Web site up-to-date, highly
relevant to their search keywords, as well as providing
clear, concise, information concerning the product/service.
If people land on your Sales page, and the copy does not
seem relevant to the keywords they used, they may become
confused and leave - they will hit the back button in a

(8.) Have the content written as though it is about THEM.
They are not interested in what you have done; they are
looking for what you can do for them. This keeps the message
personal to them.

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